BOOTSWe’d like to point out that our recent release of HEAVY BOOTS OF LEAD has some extra mojo – in the form of the actual brew having stained the label during bottling.

Typically the bottles are rinsed after filling, however as fate would have it on this bottling day the rinser was not operational. As a result you might notice some slight stickiness on the bottle and staining on the label (even with rinsing, our labels are porous so they would have stained regardless).

The rinser issue has been sorted. Further, during future releases of HBOL we’ll be going to a different label stock that will rinse clean. We do label our bottles a day before filling so it doesn’t bog down production since the labeller can’t keep up with the filling.

Most importantly, rest assured the beer itself is uncompromised. Still we do not advise licking the outside of the bottles like an 11% lollipop.