Happy Holidays, all you beer crazy kids. Everybody has their own stressful situations during this busiest of seasons. The red dress, or the black dress? Turkey or ham? The Tickle-Me Elmo, or the Please Don’t Tickle-Me Elmo?

Making decisions is for suckers.

How about for NYE this year, you spend it with your good buddies at the Taproom, and ring in the new year with casual pints and more pretzels than you know what to do with. I imagine that number is “3”. We’re tired of tickets and buy-outs, and all that busy business, so how about this:

NYE @ SingleCut: (Taking Care ofBusiness as Usual. We’ll be open at 4pm and rock all the way until 2am on this most auspicious of nights. Expect: beer! We’ll have that gaudy ol’ ball dropping on the projector and lots of cheers-ing. No ticket, No reservations, just good ‘ol fashion fun. Work Out.



-The Taproom