Well historically speaking anyway. The point is it’s getting to be time for some dark beers so we’re getting ready.

FullSizeRenderFirst up we’re getting our casks up and running again, the first casks will be filled with ERIC. They should be available within a few weeks.

FullSizeRender1Next, here you see our kettle starting to fill with the run off from mashing a fresh batch of Heavy Boots of Lead our 11% Imperial Stout. Our current batch will be officially premiered during our 3rd Anniversary Party (deets to come soon) Saturday December 5th and Tuesday the 8th (yes two parties, the 8th is our actual Anniversary). FYI the current batch was brewed nearly a year ago and was aged. This batch we’re brewing now will also be aged for a year in our rum barrels.

ERICIn other dark beer news, ERIC debuts today (Thursday 11/5 – National Stout Day and we didn’t plan that!) and will be available all Winter long. The rum barrel aged version (aged one year) will premiere during our 3rd Anniversary Party.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.37.31 PMOh we almost forgot… Nigel, an 11% 2-year aged Strong Ale finished with Brett wild yeast that will only be available in 750ml bottles from our Tap Room premieres during our 3rd Anniversary Party too.

You might want to think about getting tix to our 3rd Anniversary Party!

JEAN MICHELE NEW-WEBAND… We’re on a bit of a Belgian kick lately, so we decided to create a version of JOHN MICHAEL which is an identical recipe and ferment it with our house Belgian strain. And infuse that with dark cherries. You guessed it – we’ll try to have this ready for the Anniversary Party too, yeast williing. – Rulpsen