It’s been a very busy period for us as we’ve been prepping our brewery for all of our upcoming changes. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s in store:

FullSizeRenderYou may already know that we recently received a full-on bottling machine and since its arrival we’ve been reconfiguring our brewery for its use. We received the labels for the first two offerings seen above. BON BON will be the third release, all slated to start rolling out in mid to late-August. From then on we’ll be supplying a steady flow of bottled brews.


FullSizeRender1 FullSizeRender2On your next visit to our brewery you may notice we’ve moved a number of our fermenters around and have left space for the early September arrival of two additional 90 bbl fermenters. This added production will keep our bottle releases more consistent, and allow us to keep on shipping beer to upstate NY, LI, Boston and in the Fall our newest distribution focus: Connecticut. (Don’t worry NJ, SingleCut will be making its way to you in early ’16).


Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.48.00 PMOur Tap Room has also been gearing up for big things: Just this past week we’ve introduced a new food menu which was weeks in planning and development. As well in early September we’ll be adding a mezzanine (shown above) which will allow us to remove our grain, mill, barrels, CO2 tanks and other assorted storage from the Tap Room floor. This will allow us to increase production while not interfering with Tap Room hours, as well as offer much more seating. It’s gonna look pretty cool too. – Rulpsen