First of all, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we at SingleCut can finally give thanks and have a breather after our first successful bottling day. It was a long one (14 hours +) and we learned so much, we can’t wait to do it again. (The wait won’t be long, we’ll be releasing both “BILLY” Full-Stack IIPA as well as “MAD MICHAEL” Flying V Sour Lagrrr! in December, and “BILLY” Half-Stack IPA in January, all in the same 500ml bottles).

We used quite a bit of proprietary equipment that we created to perform the bottling so we’re keeping that a trade secret, but here’s some pics we can show you.

IMG_1367We bottled and boxed up 5 pallets worth of “BON BON”. That’s nearly 4500 bottles!

IMG_1370It all got stretch wrapped so over-zealous forklift operators won’t loose any precious cargo.

IMG_1369Speaking of which, here’s our Head of Distribution Eric movin’ ’em out. To the right is not a beer burglar but rather our Beersmith Jerzy.

IMG_1372The boxes are all labelled for our retailers like Whole Foods that plan on having a big display.

IMG_1366Here’s something fun – a number of cases come with a bottle adorned with a special “S” cap. Should your bottle come so equipped, bring the “S” cap into our Tap Room for a free Holiday gift-pack comprising of 2 bottles and 2 glasses.

IMG_1364Enjoy everyone! – SingleCut Beersmiths