Believe it or not we’re nearly halfway thru this summer… boo! But buck up, we’ve got a full range of brews upcoming to fill up the rest of the season, here’s a sneak peak. Hooray!

Kim CHERRY slide“KIM” TART CHERRY SOUR LAGRRR!: With our latest batch of KIM we’re releasing a portion of it infused with tart cherries. Expect this out sometime in mid-July.


MAD MICHAEL III SLIDE“MAD MICHAEL” III SOUR LAGRRR!: Our third release of Mad MIchael has aged for 14 months. We expect to release this in late July.


BOB SLIDE“BOB” Sunburst Finish India Pale Lagrrr!: BOB is back! One of last summer’s most popular releases returns. This time we lowered the ABV to an ultra-sessionable 3.8%. Hopping (60 IBU!) comes from a rare NZ (yes!) and experimental US variety. Release is set for early August.


JM back in black“JOHN MICHAEL” Dark Lyric Lagrrr!: Good ‘ol JM is back in black. We’ll be splitting the batch and infusing half of it with white coffee beans courtesy of our friends at COFFEED in LIC. Expect these out in late July.


BON VISUAL“BON BON” 2xTNT IIPA: OH YES! An Imperial version of our “BON” TNTPA. All Aussie and some NZ hops just like the original. 8.3% ABV. 145 IBU’s. We’ve been waiting to have the fermenter space to do this bad boy (boogie) for awhile, expect this in late August.


NEIL 2 SLIDEAND… since we already know it’s gonna come up, yes, “NEIL” Old Black IPA is coming back in September. Phew, we’re gonna need a vacation from this summer! – Rulpsen