You know, I get the following question asked a lot: “Hey Rulpsen, we all understand that your mastery of the backrub is an innate gift (NOTE: THIS IS FOR DATES ONLY. SORRY GEORGE!) but how did you acquire the skill of seamlessly folding in brand content into an everyday social media conversation?”

Here’s a recent example of this magic I like to throw down:


I captioned this image by saying “Hope your weekend is gushing with plans including visiting our Tap Room!” Pretty clever right? Thanks!!

What you don’t know is that for every one of those gems, there are a dozen that wind up on the cutting room floor (MANY TIMES AGAINST MY WISHES – THE CAPTION I WANTED TO GO WITH WAS “HEY, DON’T BLOW OFF VISITING OUR TAP ROOM THIS WEEKEND!” BUT OVERLORD AMANDA SAID IT WAS “TOO AGGRESSIVE”! CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT I HAVE TO PUT UP WITH???)

Anyway, this is MY BLOG so I can say whatever I want here. So don’t blow off visiting the Tap Room this weekend!!! Ah, that felt good! – Rulpsen