ICYMI we teamed up with Gibson Guitars a while ago to exclusively offer our brews in their NYC showroom, which is a haven for visiting rock stars. Well recently with the induction of Nirvana into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, the surviving members decided to regroup with Joan Jett on vocals.

They rehearsed at Gibson (which is the former “Hit Factory”, and still has the studio spaces intact). You can get the deets at this Rolling Stone link: RS LINK

You’ll note this quote in the RS article: “Things lightened up a bit when Novoselic realized the rehearsal hall had a keg of beer for the group. ‘That beer was so good,’ he said. ‘We really loosened up and after a few hours, we were a well-oiled machine.’

We have it on good authority he was referring to our 18-Watt IPA. Here’s the tap at Gibson:
We’ve enjoyed some great reveiws, but this one has gotta be our favorite! – Rulpsen