A specialty of ours is creating intensely flavored IPA’s as well as other flavor-forward brews – a dyed-in-the-wool characteristic of our line-up. We’d also like to point out subtlety isn’t lost on us and that we enjoy creating brews that by comparison are more understated. We call this the “Light and Shade” of our portfolio.

Creating a beer with a flavor profile that whispers rather than shouts does not mean we are making life easier on our Beersmiths – In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Take for example our “JÅN” White Lagrrr!, a brew that if sampled alongside say, our “BILLY” Full-Stack IIPA, will seem rather tame by comparison.

However, that is not the intention of Jån. It is a beer intended to be savored during its own dedicated session.

Under that analysis the flavors will cultivate on the palate sip by sip, asserting themselves throughout the consumption of the pint. And by the time pint number 2 arrives, a full immersion into the world of fresh orange zest and juice, szechuan peppercorns, and the other proprietary spices we use will reorient perception that there is indeed quite a lot going on in this beer. Also, the grist includes matzoh meal (which makes for a challenging run-off, so modifications to our malt bill are made). With this combination of ingredients it’s little surprise why this is a favorite of our restaurant accounts.

Now onto the brewing of this beer – it is by far the most complex brew day in our calendar. Seen below is just one portion of the over 900 oranges we zest and juice for each batch!

download-1All done by hand, one by one. Each spice we add is also ground that day. And being that this beer is a lager, it maturates for a month after primary fermentation in one of our lagering tanks.

One more example of why our motto is “Mastery Knows No Shortcut”! – Rich