July was a very busy month for the Beersmiths, brewing and maturating some of our most complex brews to date.

We just celebrated our 8 month anniversary and took the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments – while we’re delighted with the response to our brews and the foundation we’ve created, we are now ready to push our beer further yet: hoppier, more unusual flavors and unique/original styles that are our trademark. Basically, as Yngwie says, it’s time to “unleash the fury!!”

So here’s a sneak peek at what “SingleCut 2.0” will be releasing in August:

LEVON Blog layout

We brewed LEVON with our house Belgian yeast strain and allowed that to “cellar” for nearly a month after fermentation was complete to naturally clear (Belgian yeast strains are notorious for not “crashing” well, that is to say not falling out of solution during cold storage to make the beer clear, so we gave it an extra long maturation). Simultaneously we brewed a sour mash (essentially a Berliner Weiss) and blended this with our Saison. And finally we added lemon and spice to complement the tartness.


BILLY Full-Stack

Full-Stack 3.0! We’re extremely excited about this version – this is the first Full-Stack to be brewed using our new house ale yeast strain developed by Head Brewer Rich (propagated by Wyeast Labs) and the difference we think is nothing short of amazing: Much greater hop flavor and aroma with a strong dank/fruity nose this yeast strain brings. The smoothness of previous Full-Stacks remains and get this: NINE very unique and rare (even homebrewing geeks wouldn’t know some) different hop varieties were used during the brew as well as three separate dry hoppings, taking over a month to go from “grain to glass”. By far our most ambitious and righteous Full-Stack with 6 lbs of hops used per barrel (!!!), we believe the growing legion of Full-Stack faithful will be pleased.


DEAN NITRO Blog layout

We’ll always have a special place in our heart for DEAN, the first beer we ever brewed and a good example of what we do at SingleCut: brew beers that haven’t existed before. You see, why just put out another red ale with it’s signature Centennial/Cascade what-have-you-typical-hop-choice? It’s been done. So our PNW ale uses four hop varieties seldom seen in this style, mated with a grist that is again unique and distinctive. Heck, not everyone *gets* what we do, it’s sometimes not easy to embrace change, but we’re not out to please everyone. However, having said that we’re sure our latest version of DEAN served on NITRO will gain even more fans. SMOOTH (we nitro-inject for well over a week at very high pressure for added creaminess). As well, this is the first version created with our new ale yeast strain: you’ll note a greater harmony of ingredients and even more appealing hop presence.


Billy Half-Stack Blog layout flattened

Half-Stack is back! We’ve finally been able to replenish our hop bill for this beer with a fresh shipment from down-under – you’ll note a new passion-fruit/dank resin/bright citrus emphasis on this batch. Also the first time brewed with our new ale yeast strain, this’ll be ready by the third week of August.



As we said, July was an intense month for us – we also underwent a lagrrr! yeast strain change (again working with Wyeast labs). You’ll note a greater smoothness and subtle grain sweetness from this new yeast strain. Our latest version of 19-33 (currently fermenting) will highlight these tasting notes and will also feature a dry-hopped version.

We also will be releasing our first SOUR as well as a new beer we brewed for The Stand Smokehouse. We’re still honing these brews as they reach completion, we’ll be sure to update you here once they’re complete.

Let’s raise a glass to the future everyone, we’re just getting started! – Rulpsen