The weather is really getting nice now so get out on your bike! Often! It’s good for you, good for the environment, and just plain fun. But please wear a helmet and always be defensive out there!

Further on that topic, with the advent of NYC rolling out their Bike Share, we’ve been in touch with the folks behind the program and they’re currently researching adding additional sites throughout Queens. We’d like to see a station at the Astoria/Ditmars stop, and we can only dream of an additional station outside our brewery.

Do visit their site and speak up!:



We’ve already had a steady stream of cyclists riding to our Tap Room and are getting a consistent cry of “where are your bike racks??”. Well, let it be known a number of us are dedicated cyclists and we’ve applied for said racks NINE MONTHS AGO! (Allow us to underscore the inefficiency of NYC bureaucracy, it’s really ridiculous). Unfortunately we are not allowed to install our own racks as the sidewalk is NYC property, so this is the situation. We expect to have the racks in place before summer and are applying a full-court press.

In the meantime, we will accomodate bikes in the brewery and do whatever we can to encourage bike visitation. Just let us know. May you have a tailwind on our next ride! – Rich