We thought we’d provide a little preview of the beers we’ll be adding to our line-up in the weeks to come. First off, “KEITH” SW4 English Pale Ale, which will be available in our Tap Room starting Thursday April 4th.

NOTE FOR PURISTS: This beer will be available two ways in our Tap Room: 1) At typical US serving temperature (37°) AND 2) At typical English serving temperature (50°). Isn’t that the ‘ol wobbly bit on the thistle Gov?

Keith Blog layout

Next week we will be brewing “BILLY” Full-Stack again. And beyond that, in May we’ll be brewing our Belgian Saison and Dubbel. Of course our stand-bys DEAN, BILLY 18-Watt, 19-33 Queens Lagrrr! and JÅN will remain available. Cheerio! – Rulpsen