I’d like to highlight and invite you to visit the following link:

Contract Brewing Just Isn’t Craft Brewing

A very well-written essay on the shifting of the goalposts in “craft” brewing today, or rather how the essence of “craft” in brewing is being muddied and compromised. This topic has long been a source of consternation for me, and I’ve been as outspoken as possible to raise awareness towards this movement which in my mind, threatens what separates an honestly made and portrayed beer that is special/local and made from the heart, from one that isn’t.

I nodded in agreement while reading every word of Greg’s Op-Ed piece, and am proud that kindred spirits exist at Greenport Harbor Brewing, where Greg brews.

Thank you Greg for the gumption to speak up – your spirit demonstrates your integrity and all of us at SingleCut Beersmiths applaud and offer a very hearty “CHEERS” to you and your mates. – Rich