Rulpsen NSFW

The people have spoken.

And you asked that the men of SingleCut release a “Men of SingleCut” calendar. (Rulpsen had his gaskets and sanitary caps removed faster than you can say “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” upon reading that request). Well, we are flattered, but respectfully decline. Rulpsen locked himself in our walk-in cooler in protest of our decision but he’ll get over it.

But the people spoke again!

This time requesting that our present January seasonal release “Jån” be made into a year-round offering – Underscoring this, it’s become our fastest selling beer. Wish granted! We will be offering “Jån” year-round, so no need to hord the current batch to get you through.

As well, we will continue to brew it using Matzoh Meal as per the current batch (which was originally brewed to be featured during this years “Woks & Lox” event held at Queens Kickshaw). Why mess with a good thing? And you don’t have to be Jewish to love “Jån”!

Please keep your suggestions coming and offer consolation to Rulpsen, he’s one sensitive bugger! – Rich