It’s pretty surprising the work involved into making a pint of beer!

What you’re looking at are our floors chopped up and ready for our trenches and all other related plumbing to be installed (which we are doing as we speak). We figure that will take another week, at which point all work needs to be inspected (add another week) and then we’ll pour our concrete floors so they all slope towards the drains. The concrete will need to cure for a few weeks at which point we will slap on sturdy coats of urethane and THEN we’ll be ready to receive all of our equipment (ready and waiting to be shipped to us, see pic directly below).

It’s a lengthy process, made unbearably longer by inspections and permits that are approved at a glacial pace (NYC red tape is brutal!)

Net net – we are a little behind our projection of brewing in August. It will more than likely be mid-September before we start mashing-in and firing up the kettle, with kegs being shipped in October. We can assure you this schedule pains no one more than us but good things to those that wait!

How foxy are these tanks below? I wonder if they’re single (if they are I got dibs fellas!) – Rulpsen