This Friday’s event in support of Socrates Sculpture Park’s 25th Anniversary Party is very likely to be our last tasting before we open our doors sometime in September (we gots a brewery to finish building!) We’ll have a wide variety of beers on tap representing our “Year-Round” as well as “Seasonal” offerings – all to be officially released when we’re open for biz. You will need tix to enter, info is at Tix Link

Here’s the list of beer we’re hauling out, hope to see you at what is sure to be a blast (and I’m not talking about my CO2 eruptions either!) – Rulpsen

– Sunburst Finish Lagrrr!
– Brown Sound Ale
– 18-Watt IPA
– Half-Stack IPA
– Honey Koolsch
– Black IPA
– Western IPA
– Lemon Saison
– Alpine Amber Ale
– Milk Stout
– White Lagrrr!
– London Ale
– Rum-Barrel Aged Ale
– Mahogany Ale
– Pilsner
– India Red Ale