Howdy folks, I am touring the facility that will be fabricating the brewing equipment for SingleCut Beersmiths. I know there are at least a few of you who talk “geek”, so here is what’s been ordered: 30bbl Brewhouse, Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks, 60bbl Fermenting, Bright and Lagering tanks. German-made mill, and the sweetest (and yes, she’s single!) 3-Head Keg Washer (her name is “SMS913”). The dedication to fine-workmanship here is superb and I’m pleased to say gets my stamp of approval.

Here’s a pic I had taken with a few on the new tanks, boy they grow up big here in Western Canada! (I’m the handsome one in the foreground).I did have a slightly embarrassing eruption of CO2 gas while striking up a conversation with SMS913, but I coughed over it and I don’t think she noticed. – Rulpsen